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Step into the interstellar world of MoonAI, the celestial destination for meme-inspired crypto enthusiasts! Explore our cosmic universe, where innovation and humor collide to redefine the possibilities of cryptocurrency. Join us on our stellar journey to the moon and beyond, where every transaction fuels our trajectory toward a brighter, meme-filled future!

About MoonAI

Token Utility


Holders of MOAI can participate in voting for proposals, updates, or changes within the MoonAI ecosystem. Staking & Farming: Users can stake or farm MOAI to earn additional tokens or rewards.

NFT Marketplace

ntegration with an NFT marketplace where users can buy, sell, or create NFTs using MOAI.


Accepted as a means of payment within specific MoonAI ecosystem applications or partner networks

Token Vesting Schedule

Team and advisor tokens could be vested over a defined period to align incentives with long-term project success.

Decentralized Governance

Implementing mechanisms for community-driven decision-making to ensure the project’s direction aligns with community interests

Token Allocation Transparency

Regular reporting on token allocation and use of funds to build trust and transparency within the community.

Token Allocation


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Token Name: MoonAI

Token Symbol: MOAI

Total Token Supply: 100,000,000,000,000

Initial Token Sale: 50%

Used for liquidity, development, marketing, and community incentives.

Team & Development: 20%

Vested over time to incentivize long-term commitment and project growth.

Community Rewards: 15%

Used for community engagement programs, incentives, and partnerships.

Liquidity Reserve: 10%

Held for providing liquidity on decentralized exchanges and ensuring market stability.

Marketing & Partnerships: 5%

Allocated for promotional activities, exchange listings, and strategic partnerships.

Our Roadmap


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